Newcomer's Briefing

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Newcomer's Briefing

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Welcome to the 501st Kilted Trooper Brigade, an "unofficial" regiment of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers.

The KTB serves the international 501st community as a social group who's mode of dress is kilted, both in and out of armor at conventions.

The only requirements to join this group is that you are a 501st member and are willing to purchase a kilt to wear at events, both in (optional) and out of costume.

You must currently have an active membership in the 501st in order to join our forums.

We hope you will enjoy entering the ranks of the finest dressed Imperial Troops in the galaxy.



¤ Include your Operator # (TK ID) in your profile

¤ Please use the email address you have listed in the 501 member's gallery

¤ Everyone must have a kilt to be an "active" member

¤ Everyone is required to submit a photo of them wearing their kilt (armor not required) in order to obtain “active” status. You do not need to be in full highland dress. Just a clear photo of you in your kilt.

¤ Women are welcome to join but they must have or be willing to obtain a kilt or a kilt variation (e.g. mini-kilt, hostess kilt, earsaid)

¤ Homemade kilts are acceptable but they must meet the requirements of a kilt and be presentable (professional) in appearance. There are sewing patterns available and links to vendors who sell them are available in the links section.

¤ Only “active” members are eligible to purchase 501st KTB merchandise.

¤ The defining characteristics of a kilt are; rows of pleats in the back and a plain, flat front apron. A garment that has pleats all the way around, is a skirt, not a kilt.

¤ A garment that drapes down to the ankles (on a man) is a sarong, not a kilt. A garment that breaks well above the knee is a skirt (or a mini-kilt, if you are female).

*** NOTE *** The Tripp Red Plaid and the Tripp Green Plaid "kilts" sold by Hot Topic are NOT acceptable. They are not actual kilt as outlined above.